Our Technologies


In order to grow its current portfolio of innovative products and solutions, Intini has established a Technology Licensing arm of the business – Intini Technologies. The purpose is to identify high potential technologies for commercialising in Southern Africa and local technologies that have potential in the global space, identify commercialisation strategies, raise capital and participate in the commercial venture.

Technology Commercialisation Model

The business model for Intini Tech is to identify great inventions and link them to the relevant markets through developing and managing their commercialisation route. Our partnership with patent owners is the cornerstone of our commercialisation strategy. Intini Tech strategy is two-pronged, depending on a number of internal factors. These include:

  • Establishing joint venture with licensing partner (and other relevant stakeholders) to jointly commercialise the invention, or
  • A royalty-based licensing of the invention for commercialisation within the specific geographic territory.

In the business model, Intini Tech is responsible for driving the process of regulatory approvals and raising capital for the local participation in the venture. Intini Tech strategy is to actively identify licensing opportunities rather than waiting for inquiries from potential licensees. Intini has dedicated licensing employees, who work closely with IP Law associate partners.

Intini Technologies