Our Projects


The African Centre for Gene Technologies (ACGT) is an initiative that involves the ARC (Agricultural Research Council), CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), and the Universities of Johannesburg, Pretoria, and the Witwatersrand. The aim is to create a collaborative network of excellence in advanced biotechnology, with a specific focus on the “omics”. Intini provided a strategy workshop facilitation and the crafting of strategic outcomes


The services provided by Intini assist both companies and academic research institutions to identify joint beneficial research projects that could be funded by similar institutions such as THRIP. The Research & Technology Fund (RTF) is aimed at ensuring financial and resource allocation to the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors for research and development in support of the vision, mission, strategic goals and objectives of the Integrated Growth and Development Plan. Intini then deals with project monitoring & evaluation of existing projects funded by the client.


Research & Development Tax Incentive (R&D) was designed to encourage private-sector investment in scientific and technological research and development activities. It was introduced to help the country achieve a target for R&D expenditure of 1% of GDP. Intini Research and Consulting is providing technical expert services to the R&D Tax Incentive Scheme. Research activities provided by Intini are used to advise the department on research & development activities conducted by South African companies that are eligible for the R&D Tax Incentive.


Intini had to develop a feasibility study and a bankable business plan for establishing an agro-processing hub in Zululand District Municipality. This was successfully established by making sure that on assisting with the coordination of other government institutions for funding and small-scale former support, assure operations of technology clusters, including skills transfer, assisting with small-scale farmer coops with managing their returns, building linkages with the SEZs and other hubs in the province and source new technologies & technology partners.


Intini has been appointed by the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) to conduct a feasibility study and develop a business plan for establishing a “food valley” agro-processing hub in the West Rand District Municipality (WRDM). The project will explore the following commodities: milk & dairy; wheat; aquaculture; horticulture; sunflower and piggery. Intini Research & Consulting will then make recommendations for each of the identified sectors taking into account WRDM geography and its neighboring provinces natural resources; technology & innovation; markets and accessibility of higher education institutions.


This project includes developing a business plan for the distribution and local manufacturing of innovative dry-cloth technology in South Africa. This business plan is towards the commercialization of this specific product, termed Pharma Bath. The company aims to first distribute the product for the first two (2) years and later establish a manufacturing facility that will serve to assemble parts of the product for the local and SADC markets.


Strelitzia is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa: the eastern coast, from Humansdorp to northern KwaZulu-Natal in coastal bush and thicket. It belongs to the plant family Strelitziaceae and grows along river banks in full sun, however, sometimes it occurs and flowers on margins of forests in shade. The University of Limpopo has tasked Intini to assist in the development of a commercialization plan, global IP protection of proprietary innovation and the subsequent establishment of micropropagation of Strelitzia.


Organizational design is a step-by-step methodology that identifies dysfunctional aspects of workflow, procedures, structures, and systems realign them to fit current business realities/goals and then develops plans to implement the new changes. Our team assisted SA Shipyards in developing operational policies for the company.


Tomato processing offers a complete process line on a turnkey basis to produce end products from tomatoes. Tomato processing plant gives a variety of tomato-based dishes which can be enjoyed at any time. Intini was contracted by the company to raise funding for the operationalization of this Port Elizabeth-based tomato processing plant which will see the production and processing of tomatoes increase in the Eastern Cape. This was also a chance for South Africa to reverse the trend of tomato imports and create jobs.


Bakwena Ke Bao (Pty) Ltd is a start-up company that markets and distributes safety and work wear to all industries in SA. Intini assisted the company by profiling its product offerings and developing marketing material.


Intini assisted to raise capital for the Indigenous Foods book roll-out workshops and identifying potential ingredients that could be commercialised in the mainstream retail market. We also helped the co-operative to publish, distribute and market the book.


Veniorite (Pty) Ltd is a start-up events management and integrated transport company. Intini assisted to profile the company’s offerings, gearing the business to start operating.

Our Projects